<<display '16-hiding'>>\n\n[[THERE'S HER ANKLE STAB STAB STAB|18-tack]]
.passage { width: 400px !important }\n\na { text-decoration: none !important }\na.internalLink { color: yellow !important }\na.internalLink:hover { color: crimson !important; !important; text-decoration: none !important }\n
"I've spent a lot of time giving this wet little pussy just what she wanted. And that is one insatiable appetite. Now it's time for what Anni wants. And what I want is dinner."\n\n<<display '21-bath'>>
"Well, I suppose there's no harm in letting you talk." Anni rrrrrips off the tape and you cough a soaked handkerchief onto the floor.\n\n[["I I I thought you were INTO me. In a SEXY way, not in a MURDER way!"|10-sexy]]\n\n[["Please don't eat me! I'm just skin and bones! Okay that's not true but oh God oh God please don't fucking eat me."|10-dont]]
YEAH the fucking knife. At least if you have it she won't. Oh god oh god oh god.\n\nThe knife is near the edge of the table. If you strrretch all the way out you can just give the leg of the table a good thump with your foot and down comes the knife to the floor!\n\nSHIT SHIT that was loud. OH GOD SHE'S COMING TO CHECK ON YOU HIDE THE KNIFE.\n\n[[QUICK THE PANTRY SLIDE IT INTO THE FUCKING PANTRY|12-pantry]]
<<display '15-livingroom'>>\n\nYou hear the faucet TURN OFF OH JESUS\n\n[[HIDE HIDE GET UNDER THE COUCH|16-couch]]\n\n[[NO FRONT DOOR GET TO THE FUCKING DOOR|16-door]]
Anni screams as her severed fist is devoured by your cunt, panicking and waving the bloody stump of her arm until the bathroom's painted red. Eventually she slumps to the floor, incapacitated by blood loss and the shock of having a hand bitten off by a pussy. Your pussy burps a little blood and seems sated for a while.\n\nTelling Anni about your condition has always been at the forefront of your mind - well, maybe it took second place - but you're glad now that you held off on making that difficult decision. Good work, pussy. You may have gotten us into this mess but you sure got us out of it!\n\nWith your legs untied you have an easy time of reaching the knife and cutting through your wrist ties. Toweling off the bathwater and blood, you step carefully over to Anni's body, lying pale in a heap. Your pussy, always insatiable, starts a-growling.\n\n[[Well, shame to let all this good meat go to waste.|27-theend]]\n\n[[Fuck that, I DIDN'T GET TO JIZZ. At least one of us still has hands!|27-theend]]
<html><img src="images/title.png"></html>\n\nIf there's one thing Encyclopedia Fuckme knows - and this is a hypothetical statement, of course, because she's actually got a lot crammed in her big fat brain - it's how to get off! But in addition to her brain, our hero also has a very greedy pussy - one that sometimes leads her into trouble! Such is "the case" today. But if she does what she does best, she just may solve...\n<html><div align="center">THE CASE OF THE VANISHING ENTREE.</div></html>\n''Heads up'': this game is super pornographic. It contains FUCKING, THREATS OF VIOLENCE, THREATS OF FUCKING, VIOLENCE, and VIOLENT FUCKING. There's some filthy nasty dirty stuff here.\n\n[[Oh fuck yeah I am hella into that LET'S GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD!|1-note]]
Anni strolls into the room like a cat to her supper. Oh god oh god oh god she is wearing bones, bones hanging from her ears, a necklace of clean white bones draped across her chest. Those are GIRL BONES, those are the bones of the last five women she wrestled into her kitchen and roped to this hook in the wall. She made jewelry out of their fucking bones oh god she is gonna eat you and wear your bones for the next fucking girl who ends up stuffed in her cannibal pantry.\n\nShe picks up the bottle of red wine and her knife off the table and with a grin she JABS the knife into the cork and pops it free. HELL OF A TRICK. And with her predator eyes locked on her prey she lifts the bottle and drinks, purposefully letting the cool red wine splash down her chin and over her bare chest and tits.\n\nLet me tell you that the sight of Anni with a necklace of bones and blood-red liquid gleaming on her chin is not super fucking calming while she's got you tied to a hook.\n\n[[I'M NOT TIED THOUGH oh god oh god bide time bide time|13-lick]]
So what do you do with an ornery little pig when you catch her? That's right, you're in hogtie city, and Anni's no slouch in the cowgirl department. She trusses you up like a dirty little animal, ankles together, wrists behind your back, and a fat piece of tape on your mouth to keep you from squealing too loud. Then she slings you over her shoulder like a caveman and carries you into the bathroom.\n\nShe lowers you almost lovingly, roped and gagged and staring at her with wet pleading eyes, into a warm bath. And then she's soaping up a towel to give you the scrub-down.\n\n"If you act up," she warns, "you're going under."\n\nShe starts at your dirty feet, using the same gentle touch that she might have used when she wanted you as a woman and not as a steak on a plate. It tickles juuust enough to be completely unbearable, but she holds your jerking ankles by the ropes as she suds up your feetsies.\n\n"This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home. This little piggy had roast beef, this little piggy had none. And THIS little piggy went wee wee wee all the way to the oven. Which brings us to piggy number six. What did she get up to?"\n\n[["MMRRPPHH!!"|22-gag]]\n\n[[KICK HER IN THE FACE|22-kick]]
Anni slides her cool rag over your belly, up to your tits, sudsing them up and then scrubbing the sweat depositories underneath them. She spreads the rag over one of your breasts and pinches a nipple between two fingertips through the wet cloth. Oh fuck, she tugs as she leans in, whisper-close, to nose and tongue your ear.\n\n"You have been a hot little dish from the start. I want you to know that, you're a great fuck and a fun little playmate. From the moment I saw the fire in your eyes while I wrestled you to my floor that time - remember? I stuffed your wet panties in your mouth and put my finger in your ass - I knew that you were going to have to cook on my plate." Now she's soaping your neck, tenderly. "That may sound cruel, and I'd be lying if I said that it wasn't or if that wasn't part of what gets me off, but it's a real compliment and one you can take to your grave. You are good prey."
Huddled in the darkness on an uncomfortable landscape of shoes, the tails of clothes like ghosts in your face, you stop breathing and whimpering and beating your heart as you wait for the inevitable.\n\nKNOCK KNOCK.\n\nFUCK FUCK FUCK you're scrambling around blind on your knees when a set of arms scoop you up like a sack of potatoes and soon you're pressed against the closet door by a hand over your mouth and Anni's face is beaming at you with all the love of a little girl whose missing pet has been returned to her.\n\n<<display '20-caught'>>\n\nHer hand slides down from your mouth, but only as far as your throat.\n\n[["You're the WORST GIRLFRIEND EVER."|21-worst]]\n\n[["Please Anni, please please please don't kill me."|21-beg]]
She stakes you out on the kitchen table, one wrist or ankle roped to each of the table's legs to make sure your ass can't get away. Spread like a turkey. And then, while you tremble spread and stuck on the table, she sinks a couple fingers into her pussy and plays with herself a little.\n\nIt reminds you of some kind of cartoon cowboys-and-indians ritual, with the warriors dancing and whooping around the captured settler lady. The amazon crawls around you sniffing and touching and laughing and moaning as she strums her wet cunt, and you whimper and moan yourself in frustration at the hot wet fuck you are never gonna get because you're on the dinner table instead. Shit. Shit.\n\nAnni doesn't get herself off, not yet. She wants to hold onto the hunger until her teeth sink into your hot moist flesh. In addition to getting you desperate and fuck-needy, the bath also washed you clean of all of Anni's marker meat-lines. She climbs onto the table, marker in hand, and squats her hot wet pussy right onto your face as she redraws all those long lines along your stripped, spread body.\n\nWhen your body's covered in marker and your face is covered in HER, she slides off you and reaches at last for the knife. Making eye contact for the last time, she makes you watch as she runs her wet, hungry tongue along the length of the knife. She licks the tears from your eyes before she starts carving.\n\n<html><img src="images/theend.png"></html>\n\nGosh, Encyclopedia! Things didn't turn out well for you. Maybe you can click on the left to RESTART THE STORY and find a happier ending!
\n<<display '22-dunk'>>\n\n<<display '22-legs'>>\n\n[["Anni, PLEASE..."|23-plead]]\n\n[[Shut up pussy KNEE HER IN THE CHIN|23-ungaggedknee]]
Anni puts the knife back down on the table with a loud-ass THUMP and her stare pins needles into your butterfly shivers. "I'm going to change into something more fitting of a cannibal queen. You hang out like a good rack of meat and maybe I'll let you check out before I start carving. 'Scuse me."\n\nAnd with a cruel smile that lingers behind her like a long shadow she stalks out of the kitchen and toward the bedroom.\n\nShit shit shit oh god oh god. You have to get out of here before she gets back oh fuck fuck fuck.\n\n[[SHIT I gotta get out of these fucking ropes I hope I can WORK THEM LOOSE.|11-loose]]\n\n[[FUCK THAT if I can get my hands on that goddamn KNIFE I can CUT RIGHT THROUGH.|11-knife]]
"After all you've put me through," she says, lifting you from the bath and wrapping you up in a big towel, "after having to chase you around my apartment, after all the mischief I had to deal with." You tremble, wrapped helpless at her feet. She plants a bare foot on your face. "I am going to eat you, and you had better taste fucking delicious."\n\n<<display '24-dinner'>>
As soon as you see light you PLUNGE that fucking knife into Anni's belly SHE SCREAMS YOU FUCKING RUN YOU SCRAMBLE OUT OF THE PANTRY AND MAKE A BREAK FOR THE LIVING ROOM WITHOUT LOOKING BACK but holy fuck you're pretty sure that woman was wearing a necklace made of girl bones.\n\n<<display '15-livingroom'>>\n\nYou don't even know whether Anni is alive or dead! Could she be alive?? You don't have the knife anymore SHIT YOU'D BETTER DO SOMETHING\n\n[[HIDE HIDE GET UNDER THE COUCH|16-couch]]\n\n[[NO FRONT DOOR GET TO THE FUCKING DOOR|16-door]]
<<display '16-locked'>>\n\n[[RUN RUN GET TO THE BEDROOM|19-bedroom]]
"Smart one too. How did you know meat was on the menu tonight? Is there something carnal about me?" The point of a little wet tongue traces her lip. God. Your knees wobble like someone held a magnet to a TV set. "Why don't you escort that wine to the kitchen, little lady," she says with a slap on your ass that makes your pussy yelp.\n\n<<display '3-rope'>>
You wiggle yourself under Anni's sofa and try to stop whimpering. Lying flat on your back you can just fit down here, and there's a skirt around the bottom of the sofa that you hope to the god of not getting eaten by a fucking crazy lady will keep you hidden. Oh jesus this is like lying in a coffin. No, it's like being a pig locked in some lightless pen while you wait for the farmer to come and lead you mute and helpless to the slaughter room.\n\nOH FUCK HERE SHE COMES underneath the skirt you can see the columns of dark that indicate her feet, her bare jungle-queen feet approaching the couch. Oh god oh god she's SITTING DOWN you can feel the couch sag under her weight, your cramped little pigpen crowding in tight. Something pricks your belly, but you choke back your surprised yelp. You don't even breathe.\n\n"You know, I've eaten an amazon," Anni says nonchalantly. "Big, strong ass-kicking girl. Bigger than you, piglet, bigger than me too. And I led her into my ropes like a lamb, and I laughed at her and licked up her tears and roasted her and ate her with a crisp green salad. I am full of women. You can kick me, you can bite me, you can fucking stab me. I'm still cooking you tonight."\n\nGroping against the bottom of the sofa like the lid of a coffin and you've been buried alive, you find the thing that's been pricking your belly: it's a long ass tack.
Anni slides up to you and holds the knife to your trembling fucking throat while she speaks to you from between smiling lips and sharp clean teeth. "This knife, little pig, you know what it's for? It's not just for scaring you. Though, God, the I-am-so-fucked I-am-so-wet look of terror in your eyes right now, I'm going to be thinking about that when I jerk off long after I've picked your bones from my teeth.\n\n"This knife is for carving meat, piggy. I havn't decided yet whether I'm going to kill you first or whether I'm gonna cut your meat from you while you watch, but you are gonna smoke on my table tonight. You're dinner."\n\nNow she's got an apple in her other hand.\n\n[["Oh God. Oh shit. You're not gonna put that apple in my-MMPPH!!"|8-apple]]\n\n[["Anni. Baby. Please please please tell me that this is all just a-MMRRRPH!!"|8-apple]]
"I've always known you were one of the dirtiest girls my cupid's arrow ever pointed me to. But you've definitely earned the first-place trophy after your little romp-n-crawl through my apartment. I don't know what kind of cook you think I am, little miss, but I'm not going to be picking fuzz and crumbs out of my dinner.\n\n"You're going in the bath for a scrub-a-dub-dub. And I suggest you sit your ass back and enjoy my fingers on your body one last time, cause as soon as you're squeaky clean you're sliding right onto my dinner plate, no ifs, ands or buts."
FUCKING PULL PULL PULL you are making a fucking herculean effort not to scream and cry while you YANK on these fucking ropes AND I GUESS THE GODS SMILE because HRRRRRRRRRRRR the hook comes right out of the wall.\n\nYou're still tied, your wrists are still tied but you're not stuck to the wall anymore BUT ANNI'S GONNA COME BACK ANY MINUTE you gotta hide!\n\n[[THE PANTRY. I'M GONNA STUFF MY ASS IN THAT GIANT-ASS PANTRY.|14-hide]]
Anni's towel slides up your legs like a snake trying to swallow you whole. It tags the ticklish spots hidden behind your knees, and then crawls squeezing and groping up your thighs. You remember, as Anni's strong fingers dig in deep to knead your fat, that in her cannibal eyes you're a rich cut of meat. That red hot thought and her hungry groping hands gets you really terror horny. As she scrubs and squeezes, the corner of her towel keeps grazing your pussy, teasing your prisoner cunt, and it's FUCKING INFURIATINGLY FRUSTRATING.
"Oh no no no, little girl," says the hand around your ankle. SHIT SHIT SHIT. She DRRRAGS you out from under the bed NO NO NO while you flail around uselessly for a leg of the bed the hitachi wand ANYTHING to keep you from being hauled in like a fat tuna in a net.\n\nNOPE. You are wrapped up tight in her jungle goddess arms, her hand clamped like steel over your screaming mouth. FUCK ME FUCK ME you have never been more CAUGHT. Tears in your eyes while she whispers to you in sweet soft tones like a farmer to the beloved pet she's forced to slaughter. "Little pig, little pig, I should have known your wet pussy and grubby feet would lead you straight back to my bed. You ran a cute little chase but now you're back in my arms where you belong.\n\n<<display '20-caught'>>\n\nHer hand at last slides away from your mouth.\n\n[["You're the WORST GIRLFRIEND EVER."|21-worst]]\n\n[["Please Anni, please please please don't kill me."|21-beg]]
In the living room sweating and panting you realize that being stalked and threatened and hunted by a naked goddess wearing bones has got you fucking wet.\n\nNOT NOW, STUPID PUSSY. IF THIS WOMAN CATCHES US SHE IS GOING TO FOR REAL KILL US BOTH JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. Subliminal images of voracious cannibal hands squeezing your thighs to assess the plumpness of your meat and sharp hungry teeth sinking into hot screaming skin flash in the periphery of your mind like those grey dots that appear when you look at a grid of black squares. NOT FUCKING HELPING, IMAGINATION. CONCENTRATE CONCENTRATE ON THE FUCKING KNIFE THINK ABOUT PENDING MURDER
Anni laughs. "You horny little pig." But your scent's in her nostrils like the scent of the hunt, she's madly in HUNGER with you, she's not going to say no. But she's also not going to say yes, just yet. Her fingers, in the water, are tracing amongst your pubes, maddeningly close to your fuck-starved cunt.\n\n"You want these fingers inside you." NOD. "A last request, huh? A last meal for the condemned?" NOD NOD. "One last hot fuck-" OH "-to remind my little fuck addict why she trotted into my slaughterhouse like a happy little cow." Every time she says the word FUCK she runs a finger down your lips. "You want a fuck-" AHH "-you're gonna get a fuck-" SHIT "-that's gonna make cooking you seem fucking redundant." FUCK\n\nShe turns you around in the tub, then slides her knife into the water to saw through the hard wet rope on your ankles. She pulls your leg, rope still ringing it like some kind of slave bracelet, up onto the wide rim of the tub, and her hand slides down into the water to your begging pussy. With her other hand she lifts your foot to her hot mouth, gently biting your heel OH and then her slithering tongue is nesting between your toes AH like some predatory serpent. Her fingers GOD are stroking hard FUCK up and down the lips of your pussy YOU FUCKING TEASE FUCK ME FUCK ME\n\nHer two fingers are inside you OH FUCK OH FUCK working you hard YES FUCK and your wet foot on the rim of the tub now pushing you up so you can GRIND GRIND GRIND against those fucking fingers SHIT YES. In between eye-blinks you see Anni's girl-hungry face zeroed in on yours in her fucking scholar's duty to document every detail of her chosen field: the face of woman moaning and begging its way past all composure and control into the spinning bottomless freefall of FUCK ME YES FUCK ME. THE DEPTH OF HER COMMITTMENT TO THIS IMPORTANT FIELD OF STUDY, THOSE FINGERS this bitch had better FUCK YOU RAW\n\n[["MORE MORE MORE"|25-fist]]\n\n[["STOP FUCKING AROUND AND GIVE ME YOUR FIST"|25-fist]]
Anni grins and listens.\n\n[["...please fuck me."|24-fuck]]\n\n[["...please go fuck yourself."|24-fuckyou]]
Fucking centuries pass before the door cracks open and those vicious eyes immediately nail you like hot little darts.\n\n"Right on time. I was starting to get hungry."\n\nAnd then that smirk, that little smirk that dictates times and places and positions and states of desire, you get a little glimpse of it before she disappears back into the apartment. And you follow, hooked.\n\nHere she is. A long grey top on, but not that long, not so long that the lower hemisphere of Anni's delicious round ass misses the opportunity to peek out and say hello. //Well, hello there. How are //you// doing?// Her legs, feet, toes, they're bare. Is she wearing underwear? You can't tell. Maybe it's hotter if she is, the fiction that she's not dressing up for you at all, that you're just here as an accessory.\n\nYou feel almost proud to be here, like you're some kind of spy to have crept into a room where she lurks about in (or out of) her underwear, to have wriggled your way into intimacy with this cool, lazer-hot lady. To be allowed to see her at her most casual, to catch her padding across her carpet in bare legs and naked feet. But spies who are caught in foreign countries - and you are one hundred percent caught, that's for sure - are tortured for information.\n\n"So, girl, what did you bring me to drink?"\n\n[["I picked up a bottle of red wine because I am one CLASSY FUCKING LADY."|3-wine]]\n\n[["I've got a DRIPPING WET PUSSY and you are more than welcome to it girl."|3-pussy]]
Down you go again, her hand stretched across your face like a spider, holding you in wet hell. There were times when, tangled in Anni's arms or tucked beneath her in bed, you would tease yourself by thinking that you were a fly in her web, wrapped up tight while she licked her fangs. Now you are really truly caught and fucked. There is no escape. She's got you.\n\nAt last you pop back up, sputtering and fucking sobbing. It hurts to breathe. Anni chuckles at you softly, like the mother of a kid who got soap in her eyes by splashing water around. YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER. You've barely interrupted bathtime.
Anni sets herself down on a chair like some kind of queen to watch you, draping one long leg over the other. She should have a goblet in her hand and slaves fanning her with palm fronds. That smirk is on her face, that regal, commanding smirk, and her possessive eyes are locked on you.\n\nIf this is Anni's court, you feel like the jester. What could you offer this red-hot gorgeous queen, this baroness? Could you bare your body in front of hers? You don't usually give a shit about being naked, but here, with those eyes commanding you to strip, you are paralyzed, even when the queen has merely to snap her fingers to have your head lopped off.\n\nFuck it, you're a hot little bitch, you've seen the hunger in her eyes as she leans over your bare body. You've seen the way she looks at you. The look she's giving you right now is unplucking your buttons, sliding your belt out of its loops, teasing your shoelaces from their holes.\n\nSoon you're naked before her - or maybe the better word is RAW - clothes piled around your ankles. Your queen lifts a finger to summon you over. Like a lizard, naked and quick, you crawl across the floor and wrap your lips around her toes. Greedy little monster. She grabs you by the hair.\n\n"Did I say it was time to eat, little lady?" She reaches for the rope. "Give me your hands."\n\n[["Shit. Yes, ma'am."|6-tied]]\n\n[["Yes, ma'am. Shit."|6-tied]]
<<display '22-dunk'>>\n\n<<display '23-chest'>>\n\n[["Anni, please..."|24-plead]]\n\n[[HEADBUTT HER|24-ungaggedheadbutt]]
"Believe me, pig, I intend to. When my fingers are sticky with your blood and your meat is stringy in my teeth I'm going to gnaw your bones like a dog and fuck myself raw at the thought of your tears and your terrified, trembling voice, at the sight of you tied and waiting for the carving knife. With your sparkling slut-magic boiling in my belly I'm going to come harder than I can remember. You think you're gonna scream when the knife sinks into you, I'm going to put you to shame."
There's nowhere else to hide. You crawl inside the pantry and close the door behind you and huddle on the floor with your hands tied in front of you and wait for this evil woman to come in and grab you. WAIT WAIT WAIT THE KNIFE'S IN HERE!\n\nYou are sawing through the ropes when you hear Anni enter the kitchen.\n\n"Haha, oh god little piggy. Where could a grown woman possibly be hiding in a kitchen like this?" You get your wrists free! And you've still got the knife!! "Crawled into the pantry, huh. How appropriate." And here she is SHE'S OPENING THE PANTRY DOOR.\n\n[[CUT HER CUT HER WITH THE KNIFE|15-cut]]
<<display '22-dunk'>>\n\nAnni wrings out her rag, smiling at you. It looks like bathtime's over.\n\n[["Anni, please don't eat me."|25-plead]]\n\n[["Anni, fuck me, fuck me right now oh please oh please fuck me."|24-fuck]]
But of course she doesn't actually stick the apple in your mouth, it wouldn't stay. She stuffs a handkerchief in there, and tapes over it with thick clear tape.\n\n"I've got a taste for ladies," Anni smiles. "You're the sixth girl to crawl into my oven, you know that? I played Hansel and Gretel with one of them - or rather, Gretel and the hungry-ass witch - kept her in a cage for a week and stuffed her belly plump. But that was way too much work. Keeping a loud-ass squealing pig locked up for a week is more than I want to deal with. So you're going on the table tonight."\n\nShe pulls a big, deep basin out of a cupboard beneath the sink. "For catching the blood," she says.\n\n[["MMMMMPHH!! MMRRRRPHH!!! MMPH MMRRRRPHH!!"|9-ungagged]]\n\n[["MMPH? MMPPH MMMPH! MMMRRRRPH?"|9-ungagged]]
You jab that fucker into Anni's ankle and she screams and pulls her feet up. You scramble out from below the couch without looking back SHIT SHIT SHIT GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE
The soft glow of Anni's bedside lamp usually makes you think of intimacy - of bare legs tangled on soft smooth bedsheets, of fingers thick in hair and noses rooting for the scents of one another's bodies. But tonight the orange glow reminds you of a bonfire, the kind that accompanies a body tied to a spit.\n\nYou've spent not a lot, but some time spread across, pushed against, bent over and roped to this bed. You'd have eagerly spent more had the queen of your libido not turned out to be a madwoman bent on splitting you in half. You feel more hers here than anywhere else, and right now that's not a comfortable thought. Whenever you ended up in this room it was because she had DESIGNS for you, master plans, and that's certainly true right now. She'd lead you to this bed with its pink sheets - something like leopard print would be tacky - like a sacrifice to an altar, only this time the knife is real.\n\nShit is that someone's hair sticking out of that drawer? Oh jesus fuck, you'd better not get found if you don't want to end up in pieces in Anni's jewelry drawer. But fuck where to hide in this room?\n\n[[UNDER THE BED GET DOWN THERE|20-bed]]\n\n[[GET IN THE CLOSET SLAM THE DOOR|20-closet]]
//Well, Little Miss Dish, it occured to me that fine dining has thus far taken a back seat in our relationship. Or rather we've been too busy in the back seat to enjoy a nice dinner. Not that I mind the sight of you slithering around my feet, licking my toes and begging for a fuck. But you can only skip to dessert so often without fucking up your diet. Be here tonight, eight o' clock, and I am going to cook you the kind of dinner that inspires tongues to get together with fingers. No questions, no reschedules. You'll be here and you'll bring a drink befitting the occassion, or you're going to be in some very hot water.\n<html><div align="right">Your chef for the evening, Anni</div></html>//\nWell, shit, a note like that gets you to a place on time, all cleaned up no less, with a bottle of red wine - you may not know what Anni's got in the oven tonight but you can be sure that this is a CLASSY FUCKING OCCASION - and a greedy pussy that may as well be grinding against the door as though it had a magnetic connection to the wicked fingers and smirking, carnivorous mouth of the woman waiting on the other side.\n\nMaybe a more appealing metaphor is she's got you on a line and she's reeling you in, not just because it involves you at the end of a rope. Anni, that evil tease, that girl-snaring enchantress, she has got some fucking hook in your belly. And that is hot hot hot, the thought that all she has to do is cast some bait on the water and you'll be at her feet, gasping for air. Snap her fingers and you'll move like you're on fire. That's not far from the truth.\n\nGOD. Anni is right behind this fucking door.\n\n[[KNOCK|2-hello]]\n\n[[KNOCK|2-hello]]
"That's right, she got caught. With a bad attitude and a wet pussy. And if the farmer had time she would brand that little piggy, right on her round little ass, so if you were to flip the bitch over you'd see ANNI'S PRIMO GIRL MEAT right there in hard black marks. But chasing that feisty piggy round her pen made the farmer so hungry that there was no time to waste getting that pig under the axe."\n\n<<display '22-legs'>>\n\n[["MMMMMMMMMPPPHHH!!"|23-gag]]\n\n[[Shut up pussy KNEE HER IN THE CHIN|23-knee]]
"Etiquette, Miss Piggy. Can't eat before you set the table. So get your ass in the kitchen." She inflects the word ASS with a good strong two-fisted squeeze that makes your pussy SCREAM. She releases you toward the kitchen. "And you can bring that bottle of wine along," she adds.\n\n<<display '3-rope'>>
Centuries from now, game theorists will watch slides of the events that just unfolded and debate endlessly why someone would choose to initiate a game she knew she would not win. Well obviously no one gets to be a prisoner of war without there first being a fucking war.\n\nAnni is a viking, a warrior, a conquerer, and there's about to be a flag sticking out of your ass that says "YES PLEASE." Your girl is a cat in her bare feet and you've taken maybe two steps before you're lying crushed against the floor with a pirate queen on your back. And no pirate worth her salt is gonna call a battle won before she's laid eyes on the spoils of victory.\n\nShe takes your belt first. And then she's got it around your fucking throat, choking you, you insubordinate little bitch, but only for a second, in warning, before she buckles it around your neck like a collar or a leash, holding on to the loose end in case you try to make things hard. You hope she takes your shoes soon so your toes can curl properly.\n\nSoon your clothes are stacked in front of you in a pile like a weird kind of war trophy, your shoes symmetrical on either side. She peels your wet panties from your thighs and flips you over. Oh shit. No smirk in sight, this is a grin and the cat metaphor comes back to you.\n\n"Hands up," she says, reaching for the rope.\n\n[["How high?"|6-tied]]\n\n[["Shit. Yes ma'am."|6-tied]]
Anni grins and listens.\n\n[["...please fuck me."|24-fuck]]\n\n[["...please go fuck yourself."|25-fuckyou]]
"Don't worry," Anni says, lifting you out of the bath and wrapping you, tied, in a towel, like a piece of meat in paper. "You're going to be delicious." Fuck.\n\n<<display '24-dinner'>>
<html><img src="images/theend.png"></html>
<<display '16-hiding'>>\n\n[[THERE'S HER ANKLE STAB STAB STAB|17-tack]]
Anni runs a fingertip along her chest and holds her wet red finger up to your mouth. With tears in your fucking eyes you obediently lick the wine off her fingertip, trying and failing to shake off mental images of Anni licking your steaming red blood from her fingers.\n\nShe is watching you with a victor's smile while you lap at her finger and probably getting off hard, the bitch. Shit, you are pretty fucking wet right now hanging naked on this hook in front of this hungry cannibal princess NO SHUT UP SHE'S GONNA KILL YOU.\n\nShh shh shh just wait. Anni licks her lips and takes her knife MAKING SURE YOU GET A GOOD FUCKING LOOK AT IT OF COURSE and paces across the room to the sink. She shoves on the faucet and starts washing her knife. THIS IS IT. With her back turned and the white noise of the sink roaring, IT IS TIME to make your break.\n\n[[OUTTA THE ROPES GO GO GO FOR THE LIVING ROOM|15-scram]]
Your FUCK-CONDUCTOR makes a fist, by which I mean a proper fingers-forward streamlined fisting fist. You moan with hunger at the sight of it you want that shit inside you so bad but this evil fucking bitch with her grinny grin grin is almost laughing at your helpless hunger as you plead like a desperate beast for your fuck.\n\n"This is what you want." YES FUCK GIMME GIMME "You're a greedy little slut of a fucktoy." PLEASE I'M THE GREEDIEST LITTLE PIG PLEASE PLEASE FUCK ME "I'm going to slice you into girl chops and all you want is to get off." YES YES THAT'S ALL I FUCKING WANT DO WHATEVER YOU WANT JUST PUT THAT FIST INSIDE ME\n\nJESUS\n\nFUCK\n\nYES YES YES YES YES\n\nYESSSSSS\n\n[[CHOMP|26-chomp]]\n\n[[CHOMP|26-chomp]]
You reach the knife with your foot and slide it under the pantry door. JUST IN TIME in comes Anni, naked now. Before you can say a fucking word GOD WHAT WOULD YOU SAY OTHER THAN SHIT OR FUCK OR PLEASE there are two fingers in your mouth and she's fixed you with her cannibal glare.\n\n"You're a noisy little piggy, squealing and rooting while Anni collects her accessories." Fucking trembling staring into her eyes thinking DON'T NOTICE THE MISSING KNIFE. DON'T KILL ME. "I suppose it's only natural for a feisty pig to try and tantrum her way out of a dinner engagement, but if I hear another peep out of you I'll take you apart slow. I'll keep you alive long enough that you can help me eat your roasted drumsticks." And she PINCHES your fucking leg.\n\nAnd then she goes back to the bedroom having collected adequate jerk-off material for months YOU'D BE RELIEVED BUT OH GOD THIS WOMAN IS GOING TO CUT YOU UP fuck jesus shit you're crying CRY SILENTLY BE FUCKING QUIET you have to get out of these fucking ropes jesus you can't reach the knife anymore shit\n\n[[JUST YANK ON THOSE FUCKING ROPES GOD JUST GET OUT OF HERE BEFORE SHE COMES BACK|13-yank]]
<<display '17-stab'>>\n\n[[FUCK THE LIVING ROOM GET TO THE BEDROOM|19-bedroom]]\n\n[[NO THE DOOR RUN FOR THE FUCKING DOOR|19-door]]
"You're not the only hungry one here," and in case you aren't convinced her teeth sink into the hot skin between your neck and shoulder like it was warm soft bread. Your scream peters out into a famished moan, but before your mouth is closed she's got two fingers inside it. You're gonna be quiet now, it seems, and listen to the lady talk.\n\n"I like you hungry. I like us desperate, I like how ravenous we get when we're starved." Your tongue licking hungrily at her fingers must help make her case. "I like watching you crawl towards me, a fire burning in your fucking belly, drool sizzling on those lips, when you're too much of an animal to rely on words to beg for the fuck you need, and you have to resort to tortured looks and starved, primate groans." You moan into her fingers.\n\nShe does a marvelous job of continuing to speak intelligibly while her tongue licks and traces the ice-fire ring of skin where she left her teeth marks. "I want us hungry, champing-at-the-bit, dog-on-a-leash hungry. Later there'll be time to be fat and happy. But right now I want us to starve."\n\nA strand of spit thick as a rope when she finally takes her fingers from your mouth. "What do you say, baby? Are you gonna get these clothes off for me?"\n\n[["God lady do you know how to put the hard fucking sell on a girl."|5-strip]]\n\n[["HEY NO MY TUMMY'S NOT BUYING. This hole's not getting stuffed until after the other one is."|5-snack]]
Anni sees that she's going to have to check off your carnal boxes one at a time. "Just a snack," she says, "to tide you over. Sit." She pushes a seat against your legs. "Close your eyes, open your mouth. And stick out that tongue."\n\nShit. This is some position to be in, with a lecherous, invisible lady circling you. Your hindbrain ticks through a quick mental inventory of the things that Anni has inserted, or threated to insert, into a mouth like this with its red carpet tongue unfurled, and it makes it very very hard to sit still. You have to hold on to the seat of the chair. You realize that your legs are spread wide wide wide, but you dare not adjust them while you're frozen under her gaze.\n\nAnd then she stuffs you. A breadstick, crispy and soft. //Mmmmmm.// If Anni made this to go with dinner than it AUGERS WELL for the meal to come.\n\nAnni slides onto the chair with you. You open your eyes and meet hers. "Eyes closed. Eat, little pig." And with a fingertip she pushes the stick back into your mouth. While you chew blindly, hidden fingertips steal up and down your body like thieves, snitching away your clothes. Cat-burglar hands untuck and unfasten, silent under the crunch of breadstick between your teeth. And at last you're naked in the chair, crumbs on your chest and thighs.\n\nYour eyes open. Anni's uncoiling the rope. "Hands."\n\n[["You got 'em."|6-tied]]\n\n[["And my compliments to the chef. Shit."|6-tied]]
POW!\n\nMakes a nice sound, but in a blink Anni's hand is on top of your head OH SHIT. And down you go! The water comes in on all sides, plugging your ears and blazing up inside your nose. The sounds of your bound legs kicking and splashing as you struggle are both loud and far away to your muffled ears, but Anni holds you down while bubbles burp out of your burning nostrils.\n\nYou realize that this is it. This lady is going to kill you. Shit. Why bother, if you're going to be so feisty? She's going to hold you down until the water smothers you and then she's gonna chop up your unresisting body and grill you on the stove. You're fucked, you're fucked, you are so absolutely fucked this time.\n\nAnd then she lets go and you roar back into the world of air wet as a rat in a rainstorm. Panting for breath, your lungs on fucking fire, you realize that the water has weakened the glue on the tape, which hangs limp off your mouth.
"Someone wants to get fucked. Am I right? My dirty little pig wants a couple fingers stuffed inside her. And the other hand on her throat, choking her. That's how you like it, right?" GOD FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME. She chuckles. "If you want my fingers in you, pig, all you have to do is ask."\n\nFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK\n\n<<display '23-chest'>>\n\n[["Mmmph mmph mmmmmpphh.|24-gag]]\n\n[[HEADBUTT|24-headbutt]]
<<display '16-locked'>>\n\n"Here, piggy piggy piggy," calls a voice from the kitchen. Your heart goes fucking cold. Your feet freeze on the floor. Fortunately your ANIMAL PANIC BRAIN takes over.\n\n[[HIDE. HIDE UNDER THE COUCH FUCKING HIDE|17-couch]]\n\n[[NO NO GET OUT OF HERE GO HIDE IN THE BEDROOM|19-bedroom]]
You're a prisoner now. Anni marches you naked and tied across the kitchen. There's a hook, a sturdy metal loop in the wall next to the closed pantry. Pressing you back against the wall, Anni raises your bound hands and ties the loose ends of the rope around the hook. You give a little, ceremonial tug. You're stuck alright.\n\nAnni takes a step back and looks over her captive with a predatory smile. Fuck, you are hers hers hers for a while at least. Maybe a few whiles.\n\nShe takes out a marker, uncapping it with a POP. Looks like you're doing duty as a canvas. She could write poetry all over you, she could label your tits: BITE ME PLEASE, or transcribe a message from your thighs to her nails: DIG IN HERE. She could diagram your desire for her to lick along that crease where your belly meets the top of your thigh. She could scrawl FEED ME over your cunt. But she doesn't. She draws lines.\n\nAnni puts her hand on your throat, pressing your neck back against the wall, so that if you move very much you'll choke yourself. And that makes things a little tricky, because the tip of her marker fucking tickles. She draws long, slow lines along your arms and muscles, your sides and waist, along those fucking creases at the top of your thighs, GOD. And you squirm and whimper at her smirking face and try not to choke yourself too much.\n\nYou get the metaphor. When she's finished drawing, you're quartered up like one of those diagrams of which part of meat comes from which part of cow.\n\nThen she takes out a long, vicious-looking knife.\n\n[["Oh shit shit shit shit shit shit."|7-knife]]\n\n[["Oh God Anni this is fucking SCARY and HOT but that is a giant fucking knife and we have never really had a conversation about playing with knives yet."|7-knife]]
<<display '24-jerkoff'>>\n\nAnni wrings out her rag. It looks like bathtime's over.\n\n<<display '24-dinner'>>
"Oh, without a doubt you are one of the hottest little creatures ever to squirm into my lap. But I am a picky fucking eater, piggums. I only want the brightest hottest wettest fuckingest life-loving ladies steaming on my plate. It's part of the whole eat her, gain her power deal. You don't become an invincible sex beast by eating misses who aren't ravenous in the sack."\n\n<<display '10-opportunity'>>
Now Anni can tie a fucking rope, let's get that straight. And when she's there breathing in your ear and whispering about which parts of you are gonna have teeth marks afterwards, you can be 100% sure that you are 100% stuck stuck stuck in those ropes.\n\nBut when Anni's not looking you are a wicked little Houdini. That one time she left you hogtied in the bedroom while she sprawled in the living room watching YouTube and you squirmed and wriggled out of those ropes boy you got in trouble for that one SHIT YOU'RE GONNA BE IN REAL FUCKING TROUBLE IF YOU DON'T GET OUT OF THESE ROPES RIGHT NOW.\n\nYou work and pull at those sky-blue ropes and pick your nails sore trying to loosen this tight little nut of a knot. Oh god she's gonna be back soon and then it's gonna be DINNER TIME GIRL. WAIT oh shit yes, this rope is coming loose you got it.\n\nOH SHIT SHE'S COMING BACK\n\n[[TOTALLY COOL I'm gonna wait for the perfect moment then I am OUTTA HERE|12-wait]]
"I could listen to you beg all night, with my hand between my legs, the way I usually do it. But then dinner would never get on the table. So it's time for good little girls to be silent."\n\n<<display '21-bath'>>
"Now, now," Anni says, taking a few steps back. You turn around, holding on to the table for balance, because your legs are feeling pretty fucking weak in comparison to the ones in front of you, so bare and strong and perfect. You could think of those legs as celebrities and roll yourself out as the red carpet.\n\n"First thing's first. You're making me feel under-dressed. And I'd like to feel OVER-dressed. You got me?"\n\n[["Yes ma'am!"|5-strip]]\n\n[["I spent YEARS mastering the art of dressing myself. You want these clothes, you're gonna have to take them!"|5-tackle]]
"Oh, you're going to roast for me tonight. That's as certain as the sun going down, the waves going out and my belly fucking growling. You are prey and I've been circling you for a while, miss piglet. Not that we've been seeing each other for very long, but it was immediate to see you were a voracious little slut-monster and my tummy instantly started a-rumblin'. I'm not keeping her waiting a moment fucking longer."\n\n<<display '10-opportunity'>>
<<display '23-doubledunk'>>\n\n<<display '23-chest'>>\n\n[["Anni, please..."|24-plead]]\n\n[[HEADBUTT|24-ungaggedheadbutt]]
<<display '24-jerkoff'>>\n\n<<display '23-chest'>>\n\n[["Anni, please fuck me oh please please fuck me right now."|24-fuck]]\n\n[[HEADBUTT|24-ungaggedheadbutt]]
by anna anthropy
You run to the door and OH GOD THERE'S A FUCKING PADLOCK ON IT. Why didn't you notice her putting a padlock on the door when you got here? BECAUSE YOUR GREEDY FUCKING PUSSY led you straight to the kitchen where a crazy bitch threatened to chop you up with a knife SHIT YOU ARE TRAPPED IN THIS APARTMENT WITH A CRAZY BITCH WHO WANTS TO CHOP YOU UP
<<display '17-stab'>>\n\n[[BEDROOM MAKE FOR THE BEDROOM|19-bedroom]]
KA-POW\n\nYou bonk Anni hard. Stunned a little from the impact, you feel her grab you by the hair and haul you over the side of the tub, where you slump defeated to the floor in a puddle. Anni reaches for a towel, then squats down and pulls it over your head, drawing you close so she can whisper while you whimper blind and trapped.\n\n"You're good prey, but make no mistake: you're fucking caught. You are not the roadrunner and you are not going to BEEP BEEP out of my hands and into the horizon. You are a turkey and today is Thanksgiving."\n\n<<display '24-dinner'>>
You stumble into the kitchen because the white-hot current of Anni's teasing has long since passed your cunt and is now zipping its way toward your toes. BANG. You are suddenly rooted to the kitchen tile, because in the plate on the table - a square black plate cause this lady has taste - is a fat coil of sky-blue rope, because your ass belongs to Anni tonight.\n\nNaturally, the rope is sky-blue because pink would be hokey. I said the lady has class.\n\nAnni coils suddenly around you like a snake queen, trapping you against the table. One hand takes the bottle from you and sets it on the table, the second collects the rope, a third finds its way to your mouth and a fourth pins your own hand to the tabletop. She's behind you: she can have as many hands as she wants, and you want her to have many many hands, spreading you, holding you down, while other hands mark you with long red scratches. Well, that's what the rope's for, huh?\n\nYour tongue and her fingertip are circling one another like old sparring partners and it looks like a wrestling match is about to commence. "Dinner's not gonna be ready for a bit," a voice tickles your ear, and as you listen you visualize lips, teeth, a tongue moving up and down. "Will you be a good girl and help me prep?"\n\n[["Where do you want me? On my knees? On the chair? In your bed? Bent over the table? Under your feet?"|4-tied]]\n\n[["WAIT A SECOND. My cunt may have this condition called HOT but my belly has this condition called HUNGRY, and it's terminal."|4-hungry]]