en A Spliff in Time (04/2002)

Textadventure ★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆   [?]
von Sam Kabo Ashwell

Im Titel abgekürzter Beitrag zur Speed-IF »Jacket« (2002), dessen vollständiger Titel lautet:
»Super Skunk Explodes Magnifecently And Yet Strangely Vituperatively Upon the Already Pretty Explosion-Oriented Regions of that Hot Place you Learnt about in Geography That One Time But You Weren't Paying Attention because you were sitting Opposite that significantly more Hot Chick with the Missing Button on her Blouse
or, A Spliff In Time
or, Marcus Garvey's Ghost is a Spectre Haunting Europe with his Mighty Dub Beats and Impressive Necktie terrifying all Inferior Spectres like it Ain't No God Damn Thang
or, Dude, Where's My Carbine?
or, Jane Austen is a Fuck Puppet
or, Prythee Iffe Thy Drawres Be Down the Faire Gentlewomenfolke shall cry thee a Bumble-Snoggler and Jackabuttflake, thenceafter hurling after thee rancide Rich Tea biscuites and Goat Pornographie, drivinge thee utterlye from the good environns of Cardiff
or, orthography bx/9 (ankles) nefariousness«.

Plattform:TADS 2

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A Spliff in Time